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Rewarding recovery stories!

You don’t have to be in recovery or know someone who is to enjoy this. The content is compelling and the stories are inspirational. During tumultuous times like these during the Covid pandemic, we all need encouragement and motivation to keep us going on the right path. Marc and his guests do exactly just that. He’s a great host and I’m looking forward to more episodes.

12 steps to a great podcast met and exceeded

Marc comes off as a really smart guy with rewarding insight and knowledge not just about music and recovery, but life in general. His down-to-earth personality also makes him likable and easy to listen to. It feels like you’re just hanging out with some friends listening to stories and life experiences.

Recovery Rocks!

Congratulations MLS and Matt Anthony - you are both doing great work. Keep It going!

MLS is a great host!

Marc Lee Shannon speaks from the heart and knows of which he speaks. I admire him greatly (and his music too). I think this Podcast will truly help a lot of people. Marc is a kind soul.